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Pierce Atkins

Pierce Atkins

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Company: United Technologies Corporation: Aerospace Systems
  • E-mail:


Paris, Tennessee

I completed two rotations (Summer and Fall) in Tullahoma, TN, with United Technologies Corporation: Aerospace Systems. I worked with the manufacturing team on Tool Crib inventory and updating documentation. My main goals of achieving a co-op were to gain work experience in my field of degree, save money for college, and to observe real-life applications of what I have learned in my engineering courses.

While working with UTC, I gained and improved valuable skills such as AutoCAD, 3D Modeling, communication, safety awareness, and perseverance through challenges. The senior engineers taught me the importance of little details in AutoCAD drawings, various types of machining, proper tooling for certain situations, and people skills.

As a visual learner, working hands-on and observing the manufacturing process at UTC has helped me to understand more of what I have been taught in my past courses and will assist me in future academic projects and assignments. Besides working with manufacturing, I have seen the business side of things and the tremendous influence (both good and bad) it has on engineering. Working at UTC has allowed me to observe my problem-solving capabilities and steer me in a better direction of where I want to invest my skills after college.

Having completed a co-op has been extremely beneficial for me not just because I achieved real-world work experience and saved money, but because I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses in my profession and has helped me to understand more of where to go with my degree after college. Obtaining a co-op will be an eye-opening and learning experience that not many students in college get to experience.

When not working or studying, I enjoy spending time with friends, staying active such as going to the gym and hiking, as well as exploring Knoxville, too.

A few things I have learned from working a co-op and being a student are perseverance through challenges, patience with computers, and always make the main the main thing.

Pierce Atkins

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