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Logan Potter

Logan Potter

  • Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Company: Flint Group
  • Graduation Year: May 2021
  • E-mail:


I worked for Flint Group, more specifically, in the offset division of Flint Group where they produce printing transfer media. I worked directly with process engineering and quality engineering, and I completed three terms. The majority of my projects included quality problem reduction, lean six sigma, and continuous improvement goals.            

Once I heard about the experiences from others and how doing a co-op sets you apart I realized that I had to take part in it. In my third rotation, we implemented a signal that tells a later step in the process that they need to make rubber so that when the printing blanket arrives at that step, the rubber is ready and only the rubber that is needed. This reduced cycle time and overproduction.  

Since I started my co-op terms, I started getting my school work and studying done earlier. Also, I developed my communication skills. During a co-op as a process engineer, I was required to give presentations and communicate with many different groups of people, such as operators, superiors, engineering, supply chain, or suppliers.        

Doing a co-op is a fantastic experience. At the right place they treat you like any other engineer, a valued member of the team. You get to work with really intelligent individuals who have so much to teach you.  

When I did my on-site interview at Flint Group it was my first time stepping into a manufacturing plant. Both of my parents are school teachers so everything was a new experience for me. Obviously I had a lot of questions. Everyone in my experience was happy to help as long as they weren’t pressed to do something else. It just takes not being afraid to ask. 

I enjoy reading, hiking, and trying new things when I am taking time away from classes and studying.     

Logan Potter

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