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Eduardo Tomazeli

Eduardo Tomazeli


Americana - Sao Paulo (Brazil)

I worked for Altec as a manufacturing engineer co-op. The plant was in Burnsville, North Carolina, and I completed two rotations. I assisted a team of engineers and technicians on developing a new method of cleaning the tips of spot welders. Improving the quality of spot welding and saved the company over $60,000. I also created a visual welding standard (which is currently being used in the training of welders).

I decided to co-op to obtain work experience and because I was given the chance to work in manufacturing, which is an area that has always interested me.

My first “big” project at Altec was to change the way the tailgate was placed in the back of the utility truck (mainly because of safety issues). With the help of my supervisors and welders, I was able to come up with a design and implement it. The solution was placing the tailgate on a cart and that cart has become the standard of how it is done.

I believe my time at Altec has not only given me the knowledge and an idea of what it is like to be an industrial engineer but also the motivation and reassurance that I am following the right path.

I truly believe every engineering student should do a co-op. Your classes become a lot more interesting and begin to look at them as a tool for your professional life. It also gives you the chance to obtain an impression of what departments you appreciate more.

I enjoy watching movies, exercising, playing the guitar, and spending time with my friends and family when I am not studying or working.

Eduardo Tomazeli

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