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Drew Templeton

Drew Templeton

  • Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Company: EMJ Construction
  • Graduation Year: 2018
  • E-mail:


From: Ooltewah, TN     

I worked with EMJ Construction in Chattanooga, TN. EMJ is a general contractor that performs mainly retail, multi-use, and industrial projects. I performed 3 rotations. I worked first in the office on the operations side and estimating, then rotated into the field on the 728 Market Street job in downtown Chattanooga. It was a 10-story mixed use apartment building.     

I decided to co-op to gain engineering and leadership experience as well as get my foot in the door with an employer. I learned the value of communication and how to properly convey your information with different levels of team members whether it is field personnel or an owner and how to switch back and forth daily.          

Academically my co-op gave me a head start and preview to many of my classes which I've greatly benefited from. Professionally I gained a great deal of experience with corporate culture and building relationships with peers.                

Obtaining a co-op is the best and most efficient path to obtaining a full-time job after graduation. Having a job offer going into your senior year relieves a great amount of pressure that allows you to focus on your senior level classes and not on finding a job. Lastly, I learned just how important the value of clear communication is whether it is regarding your professional life or academics and that properly conveying your information is the first step towards success.

When I have free time, I enjoy fishing, basketball, football, and spending time with family and friends.

Drew Templeton

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