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Austin Jones

Austin Jones


Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I worked two terms for Siemens Molecular Imaging which is a company known for making internal imaging machines: PET scanners. I was on assignment locally in Knoxville. I worked in electrical research and development. I mainly create debugging tools for the engineers and assist them as I can. I currently work there part time in Electrical Research and Development and am engaged in a proof of concept project to test the viability of a new architecture.

I choose to co-op because I thought I would greatly benefit from the obtaining the co-op experience. One of the key things I learned was to ask for help. I spent weeks working on an issue I was too prideful to ask for help on. A superior of mine sat down with me and we cranked it out in an hour.

Academically, I learned so much at co-op it was crazy. Professionally, I know have a former grasp on the work place and how it functions as a whole. If you are considering whether to participate or not, I would say you most certainly should.

I enjoy cooking and rock climbing when I am not busy studying or going to class.

Austin Jones

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