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Aliza Dixon

Aliza Dixon

  • Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Company: Shaw Industries
  • Graduation Year: 2019
  • E-mail:


From: Kingsport, TN

I currently co-op with Shaw Industries. Shaw primarily produces flooring (carpet, hardwood, vinyl, etc.). I am completing my second term with Shaw and have accrued a variety of experiences. The first term, I worked in carpet manufacturing as a process engineer completing projects related to minimizing and better identifying defects. The second term, I worked in distribution in a supply chain engineering role, mainly designing distribution facilities

I decided to co-op to set myself apart from the student sitting next to me in class and find out what I truly wanted to do with my major. I knew that I loved and was very interested in Industrial Engineering but co-oping has given me opportunities to try a few different aspects of the job and decide what I love to do.

I was named co-op of the month at Shaw for developing a program to compile and track the defects occurring on our manufacturing line. My knowledge of the particular program coming in was minimal, but I was able to learn from the people around me and excel.

The best part about a co-op is having the opportunity to learn from real life engineers. I have learned skills at my job that I can easily take back to school and apply to be a better student. My co-op has also given me a good idea of what I am working toward and that makes setting goals easier.

To encourage a student considering a co-op, I would say imagine that you are looking for a job and you know no one else in the engineering world but the person interviewing you. That is where you will be if you don't seek meaningful work experience. Even if you don't take a job with the company you co-op for, you will have a network of people willing to vouch for your talents and abilities because you have actually worked for them.

When I am not working or studying, I really enjoy being outdoors and hanging out with my friends. I made sure that I chose a co-op that was close to mountain biking and running trails. It was also important to me to have a community during rotations and I certainly found that at Shaw.

Aliza Dixon

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