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Ahmad Alshibli

Ahmad Alshibli


Knoxville, TN

I worked at Southern Company for Georgia Power at Plant Bowen for three rotations working in the engineering group.

Plant Bowen is a coal-fired generating power plant located in Georgia. I worked on multiple systems across the plant.

I chose to co-op to gain work experience while I'm still studying and working towards my degree.

Never stop learning, always have a positive mindset, and strive to work hard

In my co-op, I gained experience and knowledge I wouldn't have learned from a lecture or text. It allowed me to come back to classes to be motivated to continue to learn and helped me elevate my soft skills.

You will reap the true benefit of co-op later on in your career. You'll realize you were ahead of the game by accepting the co-op, and you get to make some good money as a college student

When I am not busy with school, I play basketball, kayak, and coach an intramural youth group basketball team

Ahmad Alshibli

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