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Boxin Xu

Boxin Hu works on-site at BSH.

Boxin Hu stands in front of his PLC programming panel in the R600-A charging room. The room is used to fill refrigerant into the refrigerators, and he programmed the PLC program for the alert system for this room to avoid a catastrophic gas leak accident.

Boxin Xu is an electrical engineering PhD student who completed a co-op with BSH this past summer. He wrote about his experience below.

My key responsibilities and projects were to assist in performing several testing include:

  • Energy test, leakage current, electric strength, moisture resistance, mechanical stability, construction and heat & fire resistance based on UL 60335-1 and UL 60335-2 on prototype model
  • Expand EMC testing room by setting up acoustic insulation material and TestLab software to perform radiated & conducted emissions and immunity testing
  • Conduct PLC programming with Siemens TIA portal to setup alarm system for R600-a testing room to prevent catastrophic gas leak accident
  • Program LabVIEW software to integrate electrical testing instrument to perform UL testing
  • Handle different power tools to facilitate hands-on tasks.

It is very helpful for my understanding of how the compliance works and learned a lot of electrical knowledge. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how company works and what compliance engineering does. I also have learned a lot about the UL (underwriters laboratories) testing standard, plus how to interpret the electrical wiring layout of European standards and to master the LAD (ladder logic) language.

Boxin Hu works on-site at BSH.

Boxin Hu stands in the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) room that he helped finish. He performed craftsmanship with the ferrite cutting and software setup. This room is a highly specialized piece of test equipment used in the testing of electronic devices against regulatory standards concerning both radiated and conducted radio frequency (RF) emissions and immunity.

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