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Khari Williams

Khari Williams

Ambassador Profile

From: Nashville, TN

I did my co-op with DENSO. They make several products including starters, alternators, engine ecus, body ecu, key fobs, and a lot more. While there I worked in the Product Design Engineering Department. Two of my major projects were designing an all-in-one portable product tester, as well as upgrading current vision systems with new technology for a more rigorous testing procedure on the line.      I decided to go on a co-op because I had a strong desire to get some relevant work experience. I had been going to career fairs and asking recruiters what is the one thing I can do to help myself become more competitive for a job post-graduation. The answer always seemed to be to do a co-op, as a result I decided to do one to help myself later down the road.                

If I had to pinpoint one thing I really enjoyed/learned, it would be designing, building, and programming my on circuit board. When I returned from assignment, I found that my experience had changed how I approached problems in school. While on assignment I learned that there are many different ways to approach a problem, and it helped me to learn to think outside the box more. Also, while on assignment I was able to deal with some things that I had seen in school and did not really completely get a full understanding of. However, while on assignment I was able to interact with products in these areas, and get a better understanding of what was actually going on.         

Getting a co-op is truly the best thing you can do for yourself. It will drastically increase your understanding of your subject matter, as well as make crucial connections that will help guide you once graduation comes around.       

As time allows, I like to do outdoor activities. As of late I have really been fascinated by winter sports such as snowboarding.            

Khari Williams

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