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Evan Boone

Evan Boone

  • Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Company: Kimberly-Clark
  • Graduation Year: 2018
  • E-mail:

Ambassador Profile

From: Clarksville, TN

I worked four terms with Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Roswell, Georgia. I worked on Scott, Kleenex, and Huggies products during my rotations. I participated in cost savings, brand maintenance, and product development projects.       

I decided to co-op because of the great work experience it allowed me to receive before looking for full-time placement. It helped with finances throughout my undergraduate career as well!     

Procrastination may work in school, but it does not necessarily work on the job. Many of your employees' work relies on the quality of work you do, and it is hard to deliver quality work when procrastinating. I understand the material better when working problems in class, and it gives me a leg up with the knowledge of how real-world processes work.     

Do it! There are only benefits to participating in a co-op program, and it cannot do anything but help you in your professional career.         

I like to play guitar, hike, and hang out with my friends when I am not studying or working. I have a weakness for fantasy football and anything sports related as well.

Evan Boone

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