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Jillian Schwendeman

Jillian SchwendemanThe featured student this week is Jillian Schwendeman, a biomedical engineering major from Marietta, Ohio, who worked as a co-op student at ChoiceSpine in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Schwendeman worked in the Engineering Research and Design Department. The engineers assigned her different tasks as they needed to get projects done. She helped a lot with editing and creating drawings for their parts. She was also given design tasks for improving certain instruments.

Schwendeman was able to enhance her skills working with the Solidworks and the process of 3D printing and how to operate the SAP system. At times some of her assignments felt challenging since she wasn’t familiar with the systems they used for designing all the projects and to fulfill the expectations set for her but she learned how to ask a lot of questions and for the input or ideas of others.

Being able to work in the professional setting while still in school gave her a lot of experience with not only engineering, but communication and responsibility in the workforce.

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